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PAR SYSTEM GOLF is owned and run by Level III PGA coach Tim Mitchell, and is now proud to be the Head of Golf at Glenalmond College.

With a wealth of experience gained from various head coaching positions, and over 15,000 hours spent honing his craft, Tim has dedicated his career to coaching junior golfers of every age and stage. 

Tim set up PAR SYSTEM GOLF in 2011 with a focus on nurturing potential via bespoke development pathwyas. The FUN of learning is enhanced by a programme based on years of research. The data from this reasearch has enabled Tim to discover the most effective coaching methods designed specifically for children.

PAR SYSTEM GOLF has one simple philosophy;

To inspire the young player to understand, predict & achieve their true potential.

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The Programme

Every pupil enters the PAR SYSTEM GOLF programme at a level which is based on their age and stage. Then, with inspiration and FUN they are coached to become creative and skillful via:

  • A four tier structure to accommodate every level of golfer

  • P.A.R analysis swing building

  • Understanding the laws of ball flight

  • Fundamental skills challenges for every club in the bag

  • The FUN of learning via the element of play and creativity

  • Grading and testing for every age and stage of golfer from beginner to elite

  • Course management and gameplan theory

  • Individual data compilation and analysis

  • Personal player profiles

  • Goal setting and growth mindset skills

  • Competition and Tournament schedule

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